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Gresham-Barlow School District’s ParentVUE provides parents and guardians access to information regarding their children’s demographic information, attendance activity, reporting period grades, and class schedules via the Internet. We are very excited at the prospect of using technology to better keep families up to speed with their student's progress in school. Parents and guardians may view the information or request changes to demographic information using a computer and a web browser.

You may login to ParentVUE using the link below. You will be taken to a login window in our Synergy (electronic Student Information System) website. You will need both a Username and Password to be able to log in. If you do not have a Username or Password, you may receive an activation key by contacting one of the schools your children attend. 

For improved browser speeds please bookmark this page to access ParentVUE in the future.
Important: Please do NOT bookmark the Login Page as that will inhibit you from being directed to the fastest available server and could result in slower browsing speeds.
Login to ParentVUE
Download ParentVUE Getting Started Guide (pdf)